Breitling World Time

Clock displaying multiple time zones with precise accuracy

Breitling World Time is a powerful tool from the popular watchmaker that allows you to access the correct time for every time zone across the globe. Not only does it tell the time, the utility can also perform calculations, and convert currencies and measures.

The clock boasts support for time zones worldwide, allowing you to display several different time areas within a single window. The program comes with a beautiful interface which can be customized to suit your preference.

Breitling World Time


Breitling World Time 2.08

— User reviews — about Breitling World Time

  • Dick Hazeleger

    by Dick Hazeleger

    "Breitling World Time (BWT)"

    A very versatile and neatly organized "little" program. A true "Swiss Army-knife" (pun intended) for those who have to d... More.

    reviewed on October 30, 2007